About Us

For over 40 years, National Colloid has manufactured high performance environmental cleaners, agricultural and specialty products for industrial applications around the globe.  Our products use cutting edge technology to deliver the performance needed in industrial applications, without the toxic chemicals commonly found in these settings.   Through science and innovation, we deliver products that perform, protect the environment, and make lives better, safer and healthier.


National Colloid originated in Hawaii in the early 1970's.  During this time, the original degreasing product, known as Energy Plus, was used in a wide variety of cleaning applications by hotels, restaurants and the US military.


The company relocated to Anaheim, CA in the mid 1970's and built upon its reputation as an innovator of safe and powerful cleaning products.  About this time, the Energy Plus degreaser name was changed to SuperC.  Soon SuperC was widely used as a hood cleaner for the restaurant industry in the Gaylord, Ventroguard and Seco-Wash hood cleaning system.  


Over time, National Colloid expanded its product line to include the wide variety of products we have available today.